Wake Up!

Many of today’s youth are so far off track and even when you do your best to aid them to the “right path” they still make bad choices.
Parents want their children to be successful and happy. Nowadays its a blessing to see them reach the age of 21. They can’t wait until they are grown and when they have children ( at these young ages), they don’t want to hear your advice any longer.
How do the parents who have raised their kids to know right from wrong cope? Allowed them to see the world and have given them the best educational opportunities but they yet choose the street life and “hood mentality”?
You see your friend’s children successful and finishing high school/college and you say to yourself,”Man, I wish my kid would have done the same.” You know you have done all you can to teach them the tools of adulthood but you beat yourself up. You begin to second guess your decisions and choices for them and blame yourself.

STOP IT!!! When you have done all you can and you know you have turned every stone, option, resource and prayer; its time to Let Them Go!

We had to make our mistakes and I’m sure we didn’t follow every rule or piece of advice given to us.
Some folks will tell you that it is easy for you to say; however, it is not. There may be grand-babies involved and/or just the pure love you have for your children no matter how much wrong they do.

Remember to let them know when they do well and not just nag them about what’s wrong in their life.
People will always judge you and your kids and they may even have the nerve to blame you for your child’s actions.

Now sometimes it is the parents fault the children are the way they are, i’m not talking about those parents. I’m talking to the ones who worked 2 or 3 jobs, went to school and still came home checked homework and set boundaries. A mother’s love is very special and a bond that is never really broken.
I know I love my children no matter what, but I have to let them be them… When they hurt I hurt but I must let them lead their own lives no matter what paths they may choose. They each have children of their own now and I just pray they teach them the values and lessons they learned and want them to do great things with their futures!

My prayer is that my children as well as all the lost ones out here WAKE UP!!!!

Deion Sanders! Really?

Did this man really say he was getting a divorce because she wants hercareer back? You insecure bonehead!!! Marriage is not a dictatorship. That’s like her saying she will leave him if he changes teams!

He didn’t want a famous wife just a housewife!? That is the most lame crap I have ever heard! There has to be more to his story than he is telling. He is giving up his family because of a career choice? I think not!

What happened to love and support, better or worse, sickness and health? He got the “game” all twisted. somebody please talk to this man and let him know that housewives do more than stay barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen! IJS


Death Penalty ~ VS ~ Justice System

Well there is a lot of controversy about this upcoming execution! Let me go ahead and add my five dollars worth.

I will 1st make it clear I’m all for the death penalty if it is 100% beyond a reasonable doubt and warranted!

That being said,  the Justice System is one of the most flawed in this world. There are so many hidden agendas, racism and pure BS politics that you can barely get a fair trial in this country. Its more important to secure voters than accurate convictions and God forbid its during an election year. You better know some people in high places or have an unlimited line of liquid assets. If not  the “scales” will certainly NOT tip in your favor!

There is more than a shred of evidence to cast doubt on this man’s imprisonment and instead of admitting that he could be innocent, they are gonna “murder” this man anyway.

The family of the victim just wants somebody to die and they don’t care if this guy is innocent or not. He has already spent half of his natural life behind bars and his family and friends deserve to have him alive if there is evidence that he is innocent.

My prayer is everyone involved in preventing real justice from being served is just as understanding when karma comes back to bite them in the ass!




1st Day of School…

Times have truly changes since my 1st day of school. We used to be excited about new shoes, new hair-do, new supplies and seeing all of our friends on the playground.

Now My biggest concerns are:

1. Will there be security at the doors?

2. Are any fights gonna breakout on public transportation or school buses?

3. Will someone try and take my kids lunch money or new shoes?

4. Does the teacher really care about my children’s education or they paycheck?

Don’t be fooled that these questions only apply to CPS (Chicago Public Schools); private and charter schools face the same issues.

Make sure you know the school staff, your child’s route to school, who he/she hangs out with and encourage them to be leaders not followers of their peers.

Check the homework and if they are not getting any find out why.

Parents need to start off taking an active role in  their children’s education. If they see that you care and are paying close attention they will stay on task!

Most schools require uniforms now and kids try and find a way to alter those, making the pants tighter or sagging, blouses too low cut etc., make sure you know what they are wearing everyday. Children can be cruel to each other and believe me it starts on day one. Set a tone for excellence and your children will do the same.

Have a great school year PARENTS!!!!



H U S H …

While communicating with a few folks today, I was asked how do I handle folks talking about me?  Amazing to me how people can talk about others and call it “Venting”!  I understand you have to get it out of your system sometimes but do that with people who will keep your venting private.  Not mutual friends, family or acquaintances! 

 I was always told if you bring a bone you will carry a bone. It can be via call, text, e-mail or fb posts! Nothing is private anymore.. if you KEEP RUNNING YOUR MOUTH!!! 

People will cut and paste your conversations, forward your e-mails and share all kinds of “personal” info about you!  How do you prevent this? Glad you asked, SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!! If its a secret, hush! If its too personal to share, HUSH!

If you want to “keep this between me and you,” H U S H! ( that is reserved for the trustworthy only, and then you dont have to say this is between me and you!) Lifelong friendships are hard to come by and if you really know someone you wont let anyone or anything come  in between you and that friend! No man, no woman and no child. 

Silence can be golden if its done properly. Say what you want about me, No one has any heaven or hell to put me in, you are not my judge or jury.   Always remember when you point the finger of judgment at others the other 3 are pointing back at you! Check out your own mirror and clean up your own messes before dipping in another persons yard!! 

If you have ought with someone, talk to them or leave it alone is the answer to my initial question.  One of the best lesson I have learned is no one is perfect and without fault. Take me as I am or leave me the hell alone!  

Life is too short to waste time with folks who like to stir up drama from the time they wake up until the time the go to sleep.  Life is awesome and I plan to continue enjoying it, each day is a blessing and I do cherish that blessing !  Bottom line … H U S H !!!!!  


Are you Ready for some FOOTBALL?!?!

YAAAAYYYY!!!! Its football season officially next week!!! I’m ready to see the Bears dominate this season and bring us a Superbowl to remember!!!  Now I’m sure each of you have your own teams  and predictions; however, I love my Bears no matter what and they have my full support! 

OAN: I think  Hines Ward is super adorable and wish he played for the Bears! LOL 

Hopefully he can steer clear of the DUI charges and keep a good rep going for himself! He really is wayyyy to FINE for jail! Whew…

That’s it for now Sports fans and while we wait for the official kick off, be sure to tune into Playing Devil’s Advocate as we uncover the 1st time we all…



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